City of Mineola Sewer Extension for Sanderson Farms

Water and Sewer Extensions for Sanderson Farms

Project Owner
City of Mineola, Texas
Tracy Hicks, P.E.
Electrical Engineer
Leslie Shaw, P.E.
Project Size
4,850 Linear Feet of 12 Inch Water Line Plus
Project Completed
April 2019

KSA was selected by the City of Mineola, Texas to provide necessary infrastructure for the Sanderson Farms expansion into the Mineola area using the Texas Capital Fund Infrastructure program administered by the Texas Department of Agriculture.
KSA was responsible for design and construction oversight of water and sewer utilities required for the Sanderson Farms Feedmill that was constructed along Loop 564 to support its East Texas Hatchery and Processing Facility Operations. Approximately 4,850 linear feet of 12-inch water line, 700 linear feet of 8-inch gravity sewer line, 1,375 linear feet of 4-in force main and a 160 gpm lift station were required to service the proposed facility.  As part of this project, KSA was also responsible for design management and construction oversight of approximately 8,500 linear feet of 4-inch natural gas piping for Centerpoint to service the new feedmill.

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