Transportation COE

Transportation Center of Excellence

KSA is dedicated to making life better in communities. Transportation systems play a huge role in our ability to go about our everyday lives—both work and play.

Transportation systems play a huge role in our ability to go about our everyday lives both work and play. KSA has been designing public infrastructure for more than 42 years. At the core, we are committed to improving the safety, comfort, and mobility options for city and county constituents. Our legacy projects include a host of street and road developments and improvements. We work with municipalities and state agencies for street assessments, safe street programs, capital improvement plans, street improvements and reconstructions and the planning and design of new alignments.

Center of Excellence

We are pre‐certified in nearly two dozen Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) work categories. When we partner with DOTs, municipalities, counties, and transit agencies, we deliver high‐quality, innovative products within budget and on schedule. Not only do we design according to the appropriate standards and specifications, we are also mindful of natural resources and minimizing our impact on the environment.

Center of Excellence

Transportation Experience
CR 53 & Old Log Trail Celina Roadway reconstruction and paving, High truck use industrial road, Railroad Crossing, Drainage Improvements, Concrete Road, Curb and Gutter
Creek Drive Southlake Residential Road Reconstruction, Drainage Improvements, Detailed Driveway Tie Ins, 3 Large Culvert Crossings, Storm Drain Design
Custer Farms Frisco High Profile Subdivision Street Design, Substantial Construction Administration, Assist the City with Public Engagement
2019-2020 CDBG Bidding Ladonia Phase II Residential Roadway Reconstruction
GA Moore and Legacy Intersection Celina Developer‐led thoroughfare extensions, Double Lane Roundabout, Drainage, Utilities, TxDOT Intersection
Coit and Glendenning Celina Developer‐led thoroughfare extensions, Extensions of Country Road, Double Lane Roundabout, Bike and Pedestrian Improvements, Drainage, Utilities, Expedited Schedule
Wassar Road Extension San Marocs Developer‐led thoroughfare, High truck use corridor, Intersection design, Interaction with power transmission corridor, Expedited Schedule
Emory Lakes Ellis County/Waxahachie Infrastructure Feasibility Study
Celina Parkway Road Celina Developer‐led thoroughfare extensions, Extensions of Major Connector, Bike and Pedestrian Improvements, Drainage, Utilities
Celina Parkway Water & Wastewater Celina Water and Sewer line extensions under new corridor
Cattleman’s Crossing Celina Developer‐led thoroughfare extensions, Extensions of Country Roads, 3 Roundabouts, Bike and Pedestrian Improvements, Drainage, Utilities, Water and Sewer extensions, Mini Roundabout
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