Diana SUD WWTP Disinfection Improvements

WWTP Disinfection Improvements

Diana Special Utility District
Joncie Young, P.E.
Jeremy Orr, P.E.
Project Manager
Project Completed
April 2019

During review of the discharge permit renewal application, TCEQ placed Diana SUD under enforcement for exceeding the discharge permit limits for E. coli at the WWTP. KSA followed the TCEQ Coordination and Enforcement Order Reporting actions to identify location for the proposed chlorine contact chamber, chlorine building, and associated piping and appurtenances, and provide an updated opinion of probable construction cost for the disinfection system improvements.

The scope of this project included constructing a new chlorine contact chamber and including installation of new chlorine building, feed equipment, associated appurtenances, and electrical and controls. Installation of Blue Frog Aerators, associated appurtenances, and electrical and controls. The hydraulic calculations and structure detention time for disinfection were important during the entire design process.

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