City of Winnsboro Post Oak Culvert Crossing

Post Oak Culvert Crossing

Project Owner
City of Winnsboro, Texas
Lanny Buck, P.E.
Abiel Carrillo, P.E.
Project Manager
Project Completed
September 2019

Post Oak is a collector road that provides access to the elementary school and a large residential neighborhood in Winnsboro. A series of culverts provide conveyance of stormwater flows across the school property out to a creek. Partly due to corrosion, and exacerbated by Construction activity at the school and the heavy rains of the 2019 Summer months, the culvert collapsed along the southbound lane. Stormwater flows started piping along the edge of the culvert, extending into the subgrade of the road. The City decided to close the lane and asked us to quickly design an improvement. Within 30 days, we assembled a design that the City was able to bid and construct shortly after classes were back in session. This minimized the risk to the returning student traffic. Our replacement design featured a concrete surface in anticipation of future improvements to Post Oak Road.

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