Fort Richardson Water and Wastewater Project

Fort Richardson Water & Wastewater System Replacement

KSA was selected by Texas Parks and Wildlife, as part of a five-year selection, to provide civil engineering services for Region 1 of the TPWD Infrastructure Division, which is oversees and manages construction contracts at state parks and inland fisheries. Region 1 includes West Texas, the Panhandle, and Central Texas; this region encompasses roughly two thirds of the entire state. One of the projects KSA has enjoyed working on with TPWD is located at the historic Fort Richardson State Park. The 454 acre state park located in Jacksboro, Texas was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1963 for its role in securing the state northern frontier. 


The park’s water and sewer infrastructure was in need of complete replacement. KSA designed 2,500 linear feet of 3-in waterline, 3,165 linear feet of 6-in sewer line, and two sanitary sewer lift stations to provide water and sewer service to camping areas in the park. The historic listing of the park required an intensive archeological survey of the various alignments and construction work area. KSA managed and subcontracted an archeologist to provide these services to ensure no impact the cultural resources within this historic site.

Congratulations to the KSA project team for receiving an "A" on the Vendor Performance Report that is controlled by the Texas Comptroller’s Office.

Grade A Explanation

Contractor that delivered the good or service; that is the best value for the good or service because it complied with all the specifications and evaluation criteria identified in the solicitation documents; in full compliance of all material terms of the contract; and with complete or substantial customer satisfaction.

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