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Land Development

Land Development


We aren’t just another design firm. We are the link between space and opportunity – physical space and economic opportunity. We are experienced and prepared to heighten the quality of life in neighborhoods. From conception to ribbon-cutting, we’re all you’ll need to improve your community and your business.


We work closely with municipalities and developers, and have a demonstrated understanding of the development process, from both sides of the coin. We know how important speed-to-market is and how to swiftly navigate through the permitting process. We also know how to incentivize development to connect the right developer with a community’s vision. We are well aware of the importance of site due diligence when evaluating a location for commercial, residential, industrial or outdoor recreational use. We know urban planning and design is more than a sidewalk between point A and point B; rather – it’s about creating destinations and meaningful experiences in the appropriate context.

Cost is a major factor. Money will always affect the way a community develops and whether or not it attracts investments in the future. One of our strengths is knowing who to bring to the table to get development deals done. We get it. And we can be the link between the public and private sector to enhance the aesthetic and economic make-up of your community or company.


We are invested in the development of communities and we understand what it takes to make these communities thrive. From job creation and retention to beautiful streetscapes and people-friendly places, KSA can create engaging destinations for residents and tourists alike. With a thorough understanding of walkability and sustainability, we’ve discovered how to weave quality of life into our approach to economic development in a way that’s both balanced and rewarding.


Before a developer will invest in a community, the community must first invest in itself. Public-private partnerships (P3s) are at the cutting edge. Municipalities and economic developers using this business structure are leading the pack for both commercial and industrial developments. Our well-rounded experience with P3s gives us a unique advantage. Many are uncomfortable and unfamiliar with the P3 arrangement. We can help select informed, legitimate participants and properly configure the partnership with a team that understands how to play fair.