Sugar Land Regional Airport 16-inch Water Line Extension

Sugar Land Regional Airport 16-inch Water Line Extension

City of Sugar Land, Texas
Joncie Young, P.E.
Project Manager
Craig Clairmont, P.E.
Project Size
3,600 linear feet of water line

The water line would need to travel under the runway and tie-in to the existing 16-inch water line. The project includes the installation of approximately 3,600 linear feet of water line, steel casing bore under the runway, fire hydrants, and service tie-ins. 

A parallel taxiway will be located on the west side of the airport, so before design began on the water line – we calculated the depth of the water line to make sure it would not interfere with the future parallel taxiway. On a previous KSA project, we anticipated the need for an extended water line to minimize impact on airport operations, so we added a stub out specifically for this project. We also took the steps necessary to design the water line outside the runway safety area and the taxiway safety area to alleviate difficulty during construction. That foresight and provision improved this project’s constructability and decreased the overall cost of construction. 

KSA enjoys an excellent relationship with the City of Sugar Land that was built with years of successfully completed projects. We are extremely knowledgeable about the Sugar Land Regional Airport, and we design to facilitate the airport’s growth and vitality.

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