Taxiway Relocation Sugar Land, Texas

Parallel Taxiway Relocation

Sugar Land Regional Airport, Sugar Land, Texas
Craig Phipps, P.E.
Project Manager
Craig Clairmont, P.E.
Electrical Engineering
Leslie Shaw, P.E.
Project Completed
September 2019

KSA was hired to design a multiphase project that included a complete
reconstruction of their existing parallel taxiway, which did not meet FAA
design standards for separation distance from the runway, and two new
commercial hangars to replace ones being demolished. Because of the
safety issue created by the non-standard parallel taxiway, the FAA deemed
it a critical project and awarded it a $12 million discretionary grant in fiscal
year 2016; the largest single-awarded discretionary grant received in Texas
by a general aviation airport. To help to secure the grant, KSA prepared
timely ready-to-bid, “shovel ready” bid documents, which is beneficial
when the FAA considers a project for discretionary grant funds.
The design of the parallel taxiway included LED taxiway edge lights, LED
signage, and extensive drainage improvements. Because remnants of an
oxbow lake are located in the airfield, the parallel taxiway also includes
three independent bridge structures – a unique feature in airfield design.
With an elaborate safety and phasing plan, the existing parallel taxiway will
remain in operation while the new one is under construction. To minimize
impact to the airport, closures of the runway are limited to nighttime
operations only, with full access during the day. Roughly a $34 million
improvement project, including the demolition and reconstruction of two
new hangars for which KSA provided architecture, MEP, concrete foundation
design services, and all site improvements.

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