Bonham Municipal Airport KSA

Bonham Municipal Airport Partial Parallel Taxiway

Services Provided
Planning, Design and Construction Phase
Bonham, Texas Municipal Airport

KSA Engineers, Inc. was selected to perform planning, design, and construction phase services for the Bonham Municipal Airport.

The airport saw a need for a parallel taxiway in order to alleviate the dangers of back-taxiing on their runway. Officials turned to KSA to design the project, which included the construction and marking of a partial parallel taxiway and associated appurtenances.

In addition to the construction of drainage structures (a junction box, reinforced concrete pipes, and safety end treatments), the airport development project included significant infield grading to improve airfield drainage; partial parallel taxiway, cross taxiway, and holding apron construction; taxiway markings; and seeding and erosion control of all disturbed areas.

The project began in late May 2009 and was completed by Vessels Construction from Sherman, Texas.

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