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Urban planning is a critical component of successful physical and economic development. Every community, despite its size, needs to prepare for the future. Lasting, functional, beautiful spaces always start with a thoughtful plan. We design everything from single site plans to multi tenant community centers.

The idea is to identify the distinct flavor of a community, then build upon it in a way that secures its authenticity and increases revenue. From communities in high-traffic, urban areas to those in small, rural corners, planning is essential.


At KSA, visioning is one of the central elements of successful planning and design. We sit down with our clients at the very beginning to discuss their ideas for the future. Participants are encouraged to share their ideas freely to reach common ground and develop focused goals for the future. We help our clients imagine the future and then turn that vision into reality.

KSA’s conceptual plans breathe life into the vision. These plans are vibrant representations of the future that demonstrate how real the possibilities are. Because we have professional planners and designers on our staff, our plans are a balanced blend of form and function – creative and constructible.


Not only do you need the job done right, you need it done right now. No problem. When a potential site is identified for a new development, our qualified planning and engineering staff can investigate it and quickly determine whether or not it will benefit the community and the developer, minimizing risks and maximizing speed-to-market.


Geographic information systems (GIS) are an advanced technological database used to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage and present information using various mediums. This technology combines cartography, statistical analysis and computer science to evaluate potential sites. It can identify and help manage natural resources, avoid utility conflicts and maintain or achieve environmental compliance. With this system, we can quickly and accurately define site characteristics in a multi-layer format and easily determine the best development approach and method. Geographic information systems enable cost savings, smooth decision-making, fewer emergencies and excellent, easy-to-access records. We are often contracted to help develop geographic information systems for entire cities.