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Economic Development

Economic Development

Way before we design a single square foot, KSA can be the link between the local government and economic growth. We have the connections and technical skills to guide both municipalities and developers seamlessly through the development process.


We consider it our job to know about economic development opportunities. This knowledge is cultivated through nurtured relationships with city leaders, industrial and commercial tenants, retailers and real estate developers.

But before you select a developmental partner, the vision must be set first. By getting the right people in the room and posing relevant questions, we can help you formulate a vision for your community, then make that vision come true through due-diligence, planning and design.


Our qualified staff can help you identify gaps in the market, find land to develop and tenants to occupy vacant buildings. We can perform site due-diligence and help you develop a budget to understand the costs associated with building on a particular site.

Color, 3D renderings and schematic designs bring the vision to life. Conceptual plans depict exactly how the project site should be laid out, being sure to account for the specific needs of each user. Used on the front end, this visualization tool can be used to gain the support necessary to move the project forward. Used on the back end, these tools can be used to secure occupants after the project is well underway.

Then, we can conduct drainage studies and bring in sub-surface infrastructure to prime the site and make it a more economical, “shovel-ready” option.


As a steward of valuable resources, you are responsible for finding ways to capitalize on the opportunities in your care. Because we know people, we can make the proper introductions to link you with a public or private partner that will establish a viable source of funding for your project. We can help you find the right partner and configure a mutually beneficial public-private partnership (P3).

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