Planning and Strategic Doing

Planning and Strategic Doing

The importance of the plan is widely known and accepted. Strategic doing takes the plan a step further. While planning is vital, the doing is paramount. Without implementation, the plan is merely words on a page. We do both. We can conduct the feasibility study, develop the vision, justify the project, and then implement the plan into a design. We can even manage the construction—all in-house. 


Feasibility studies are often the first course of action when deciding what projects to take on. KSA has conducted many feasibility studies to assess the necessity of projects like runways, water treatment systems, external power generation, recreational facilities, and administrative and first response facilities. Best coordinated with master plans, feasibility studies evaluate current conditions while presenting alternatives and recommendations that are complete with budgetary opinions of probable cost. 


After a project is deemed feasible, concept development and programming will ensue. These vibrant representations of the future show how real the possibilities are and help to inspire backing from members of your community. Conceptual plans depict exactly how the project site should be laid out and help to establish an estimated budget. Having a budget can aid in the justification process for funding support. Because of our inherent ability to build what we design, our cost estimates are realistic and experience-proven. Our design team considers the long-term effect of every prospective project, with growth and expansion top of mind. We also determine the ideal construction method, which is often design-build with federal work – which happens to be our specialty.


We consider it our job to know about economics of development. This knowledge is cultivated through nurtured relationships with community leaders, industrial and commercial tenants, and real estate developers. This knowledge allows us to add value to each client’s dollar – for now and the future.


Contingency planning is woven into all our work. With every assignment, our designers plan for emergencies and natural disasters – to minimize its impact however possible, and provide a simple means of returning to normal. Not only are our designs resilient, they’re sustainable too. We employ a holistic design approach to everything we do. Sustainability can be woven into simple design choices like taking advantage of natural sources of energy. At KSA, we find creative and often inexpensive ways to create spaces that will benefit our clients and our environment.

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