Federal Practice

Federal Practice

At the risk of sounding like a greeting card, we care. We actually do. We care about this country and its people. Our Federal Services group was created to expand our trusted set of architecture, engineering, and planning services to a broader audience. With the ultimate goal of mission support, KSA’s Federal Services group is committed to doing all we can to ensure the safety, readiness, and quality of life of the United States and its people.

At KSA, we are versatile and adaptable. We work hard to understand the unique demands of each project. Instead of relying on a snap shot, we review our projects from every angle and respond with comprehensive and innovative design solutions. At KSA, we build on our decades of experience while maintaining a fresh outlook. Our design process is centrically focused on blending complex technical requirements with creative ideas. 


Under one roof, KSA provides a comprehensive spectrum of professional planning and design specialties that include architecture and mechanical, civil, electrical, and plumbing engineering services. Our ability to comprehensively plan and design all facets of your critical infrastructure allows our projects to be executed efficiently, often under one contract.

“KSA’s performance was excellent. They are professional, attentive, receptive to changes, personable, and they provided complete deliverables on-time. I would confidently recommend their services.” 

Tim Scroggs, Louisiana Army National Guard


KSA’s aviation team works on a diverse mix of aviation projects every single day. We have solid relationships with state and federal aviation staff and understand their needs and expectations. This understanding has made us experts, not only with how to apply design standards and requirements, but also with how to smoothly maneuver a project through the funding and approval process.


At KSA, we understand the importance of resilient, sustainable design; especially as it relates to federal facilities. The time it takes to get critical infrastructure back up and running after a devastating event is crucial. We design systems and policies that can help you recover quickly after a setback. By using redundant, or easily repaired design techniques, we can help your team get back to the mission at hand – fast. A resilient philosophy is infused into all aspects of our design.

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