Critical Infrastructure - Vertical

Critical Infrastructure - Vertical

The design of critical infrastructure has been our bread and butter since 1978. It’s who we are. After the foundation is laid, we can design vertical facilities that house essential aspects of every military installation. 

Our aviation services include the design of vertical structures like terminals, air control towers, cargo facilities, fuel systems, and hangars. 

The $23M, LEED Silver, Armed Forces Reserve Center in Minden, Louisiana is an example of our experience designing secure and sustainable training and administrative buildings. KSA’s experience also includes emergency response facilities like fire and police stations, educational and industrial facilities. 

In design, energy conservation is paramount. We employ a holistic design approach to everything we do; like exploiting natural energy sources and incorporating effective materials and technology. 

Hidden behind ceilings, walls, and stalls, the underrated nature of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services is usually noticed only when there’s a problem. We carefully design our systems to work optimally and integrate seamlessly into existing designs with low maintenance requirements. 

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