Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture

At its core, landscape architecture is about sustainability and art. It considers the principals of regional ecology while also acting as a creative expression of form, color, texture, scale and sound to enhance the human experience. We apply these concepts to all aspects of landscape design including the location and orientation of buildings, the selection of plants, stormwater and grading as well as the movement of vehicles and pedestrians. With this well-rounded awareness, KSA can plan and design highly functional and beautiful neighborhoods, parks, plazas, green infrastructure, nature preserves and trails that benefit our clients and our environment.

There is beauty in the thoughtful integration of nature into the built environment. People value the comfort and convenience of indoor/outdoor spaces. Landscape architecture, done well, inspires the behavior of its inhabitants. The design of multi-functional public areas will attract and engage people from all walks of life while also serving as a catalyst for increased private investment and spending.

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