Michael A. Burns, P.E.

Mike Burns, P.E.
Municipal Practice Leader

Michael graduated from Texas A&M University with a BS in Civil Engineering in 1981.  Mike is a Vice President and a Principal with KSA in the Longview office.  Mike has 30 years of experience with 20 of those being with KSA Engineers.  Mike has extensive civil engineering experience in the specialties of aviation, streets and thoroughfares, bridge design and inspection, downtown development, park development, sewer collection systems and water distribution systems.

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East Texas Regional Airport Pavement Plan
Paving & Drainage
Pavement Management Program

KSA was requested by the East Texas Regional Airport to implement a Pavement Management Plan (PMP) and perform a pavement evaluation for their airs

Komatsu Power Lab
Komatsu Power Lab

Komatsu, an international mining manufacturer (formerly Joy Global), wanted to be able to test high voltage electrical components on site at their

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