Wastewater Treatment Plant PER for 5-Year Improvement on Wastewater Master Plan

The City of Mount Pleasant selected KSA Engineers, Inc. to analyze the existing wastewater treatment plant and provide recommendations with associated budgetary estimates for the proposed improvements. The report KSA provided to the City of Mount Pleasant had findings from the wastewater treatment plant evaluation along with recommendations for treatment plant improvements for the period of 2008-2030. At the time of this project, the City of Mount Pleasant operated and maintained a wastewater collection and treatment system that provided services for approximately 14,700 area residents. The wastewater collection system covered approximately 20 square miles and more than 35 miles of collection lines.

The capacity of the wastewater treatment plant was a critical issue that was discovered during a study. The improvements made to at the Southside Wastewater Treatment facility were considered necessary to meet the guidelines provided by Texas Administrative Code (T.A.C.) and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). The plant was analyzed for the future flow requirements.

The recommended improvements consisted of an additional 2.5 MGD of treatment capacity with a new parallel extended aeration treatment train that would allow for current flows to be handled by the new treatment units, and allow the original treatment units to be taken down and rehabilitated to restore treatment capacity losses due to siltation of the aeration basin and mechanical inefficiencies due to equipment age.

While the master plan for the City of Mount Pleasant’s wastewater plant was completed in 2008, the City of Mount Pleasant deferred improvements and expansion of the plant until 2021.  In March of 2021, the City began detailed design of the wastewater treatment expansion using the recommendations made by KSA more than 10 years ago.

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