Double Eagle II Airport Master Plan

Double Eagle II Airport Master Plan

Albuquerque International Airport, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Craig Phipps, P.E.
Project Manager
Michael Mallonee

The Double Eagle II (DEII) Airport MP focuses on a 20-year development vision for the airport. DEII is home to over 100 based aircraft and, in addition to use by GA aircraft, is heavily utilized by the military for training and itinerant services. With over 4,200 acres, DEII is primed for both aviation and non aviation development. Our master plan approach provides development recommendations that include contingencies and alternatives should a deviation from the recommended development concept occur.

Critical to the airport's long-term success is the need to understand market opportunities and present realistic development plans to capitalize on the airport’s strengths, while meeting the aviation needs of the region. To do this, business planning aspects are integrated within the study, going beyond a typical airport MP approach. The goal of incorporating a business planning approach into a MP process is to present recommendations that focus on strengths of the airport and opportunities in the marketplace while delivering a CIP with reasonable expectations for return on investment (ROI). Business planning elements integrated into the MP include market, SWOT, and ROI analysis to project the potential revenue generated by the investment of infrastructure improvements against the estimated cost of development.

Due to a historical high level of interest by airport users, tenants, the general public, and the neighboring National Park Unit, a focused outreach effort is a large part of the planning process. Outreach is necessary to gain consensus to allow the MP to successfully move through the city’s approval processes. Unique features present at the airport include: numerous historic sites (WWII era), military ordinance, and a large amount of developable space.

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