Chennault Airport Lighting Rehab

Airfield Lighting Rehabilitation

Chennault International Airport
Craig Phipps, P.E.
Project Manager
Jonathan Farmer, P.E.
Total Project Cost
Project Completed
January, 2019

KSA’s services were requested by the Chennault International Airport Authority to develop a comprehensive project to replace the aged lighting system at the Chennault International Airport.  KSA worked with LaDOTD Aviation staff including Mr. Allen Taylor – Airways System Manager, to develop a phased plan to replace the entirety of the airfield lighting system with LED equipment and visual aids.  This project included the replacement of the entire airfied lighting system (lights, signs, PAPIs, REILs, windcone and regulators).  New dedicated circuits in conduit were installed for each of the following:  Runway 15/33 HIRLs, mandatory hold short signs, airfield directional signage, distance remaining signage, PAPI-4s, REILs and windcones (along with a future dedicated circuit for the replacement of the approach lighting system).
Due to LaDOTD Aviation funding restraints, the project was developed for multi-year construction.  The first phase included work at the electrical vault and air traffic control tower.  Also installed was the infrastructure from the electrical vault out onto the airfield (including a 1,200-foot directional bore under the existing apron).  The main objective of this project was to stay outside of the runway safety area and not impact operations at the Airport.  The second phase of this project was completed simultaneously with the planned Runway 15-33 Rehabilitation project.  This method ensured that Runway 15-33  only had to be closed once, lessening the downtime Chennault experiences due to construction projects.  The second phase includes all equipment and conduits within the runway safety area (HIRLs, airfield directional signs, distance remaining signs, PAPI-4s, REILs). 

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