Lake O' the Pines Raw Water Intake Evaluation

Raw Water Intake Lake O' The Pines

Raw Water Intake
Raw Water Intake KSA

Lake O' The Pines - Northeast Texas. 

The existing intake was damaged during a severe winter storm. Subsequent storms further damaged the facility resulting in erosion and slope failure along the shoreline between the main intake structure and the normal pool elevation of the lake. The continued erosion puts the raw water intake at risk.

Raw Water Intake KSA

Repairs to the intake includes removing existing damaged concrete revetment mats and rock rip rap, grading the lower sections behind the concrete wing walls to reduce the potential of erosion from wave action, installation of steel piling to protect the upper bank and concrete wet well, the replacement of the chain-link fence along the bank, and the replacement of rock rip rap at the lower bank level inside the fence.

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Raw Water Intake KSA
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