Hydrology and Hydraulics

Because of the unpredictability of rainfall, hydraulics is imperative; particularly concerning the design of bridges located over bodies of water. KSA uses hydraulics in the careful design of bridges, allowing them to maintain a secure distance above fluctuating water surface elevations. Our professional services include the design of closed storm drainage systems, open channel design, stormwater detention and culvert design. Using advanced hydrologic and hydraulic modeling software, we can model and analyze existing water conditions and design transportation systems that best serve the needs of the area.

Experience with major drainage projects enables KSA to design and implement drainage solutions that promote the flow of water from transportation systems into natural water sources. We have in-depth knowledge of Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) procedures for letters of map revision (LOMR) and conditional letters of map revision (CLOMR) coordination. Our use of hydrology and hydraulics modeling programs allows us to confirm impacts of drainage modifications to sensitive sites and design sustainable drainage alternatives.


Because water is one of the earth’s most precious resources, the design of storm water pollution prevention plans (SW3P) is an important way KSA actively preserves natural water resources like rivers, lakes and streams during construction. KSA’s SW3P design follows best management practices to protect on-site drainage systems and capture the maximum amount of sediment from construction activities to promote the vitality of nearby waters and its fauna.

SW3P is an important facet of environmental awareness. At KSA, we feel it is our responsibility to aid in the conservation of water. Our environmental focus is centered on the execution of our client’s projects while ensuring regulatory compliance.