Energy Services

KSA’s Energy Services group exists to support the quick, safe exploration and transport of crude oil, natural gas and other petroleum products. Without speed, efficiency and a healthy respect for safety, our clients lose money. We understand the time-sensitive nature of this industry and conduct our business accordingly. We provide land surveying services, engineering design services, geographic information systems (GIS) and complete engineering procurement and construction/construction management (EPC & EPCM) services that help oil and gas producers and mid-stream companies deliver their product with a high margin of profitability.

We have provided these services to support our upstream and midstream clientele for hundreds of projects. We have a team of well-qualified, in-house surveyors and have developed a reputation for working fast. Field to plat in two to five days, tops.

Under one roof, KSA provides a full-spectrum of professional design specialties that include mechanical, structural, civil and electrical engineering services. Our ability to provide such a comprehensive design process allows our projects to be executed efficiently under one contract.

At KSA, safety is a standard practice. We demonstrate our commitment to safety every day, with every project. All our employees are required to undergo safety training upon their hire and before they are allowed to go out into the field. We test our employees’ safety knowledge to determine the necessity of future training. KSA employees must also submit to non-regulated and Department of Transportation (DOT) regulated drug testing. We are members of ISNetworld and Veriforce and maintain a favorable Experience Modification Rate (EMR). Our crews conduct daily safety meetings in the field and have been trained to communicate safety issues in a prompt and thorough manner. KSA also employs an in-house, full-time safety manager dedicated to enforcing the safety requirements and policies of our firm and our clients. Our safety manager is available to conduct customized safety training and program implementation for a wide range of industries, including oil and gas.

KSA’s energy services include:

Mike Burns, P.E., Director of Energy Services
KSA - Energy Services Group
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