Sugar Land Levee Improvement District No. 2 Culvert Headwall Rehabilitation

KSA Engineers, Inc. was hired by the City of Sugar Land to evaluate the condition of 24 existing drainage outfalls in Levee Improvement District No. 2. LID No. 2 is located in the center of the City and is bounded by Williams Trace, Lexington, Settler Way Boulevard and the Brazos River.

KSA conducted site visits, documented the condition of the existing structures, and made recommendations for improvements. KSA summarized its findings in a Preliminary Engineering Report and presented the information to the City and LID No. 2 for review, comment, and approval.

Based upon KSA’s recommendations and quality of work associated with the PER, the firm was authorized to proceed with preparation of plans, specifications and estimates.

Specific improvements included 1) Minor Repairs – headwall patching, sediment removal and tree clearing; 2) Concrete Headwall Repair – replacement of existing concrete headwall; 3) End Section Replacement – replacement of existing concrete headwall and portions of storm sewer pipe; 4) New Concrete Splash Pads; and 5) Sliplining or Cured in Place Pipe Rehabilitation.

The project required coordination between the City, LID No. 2 and KSA. Plans, specifications, and estimates included specific notes and details to satisfy LID No. 2 including ingress/egress notes, contractor working conditions, temporary construction easements and site cleanup. The project required a very hands-on approach by the Project Manager and Project Engineer to insure that field conditions were properly documented.