Selma High Service Pump Station

KSA Engineers, Inc. was retained by the City of Selma to provide civil, structural, and electrical design of high service pump station site #4 including bidding and construction phase services.

During the study and report phase, KSA assisted the City in determining location requirements. The location is the northwest corner of the city limits via a new delivery point from Shertz-Seguin Local Government Corporation (SSLGC). The project included:

  • One 1 MG Pre-stressed wire wound concrete ground storage tank
  • Three vertical turbine canned pumps (3,000 gpm, 125 Hp)
  • Discharge piping and 12” water supply line and 16” water distribution main
  • Pump monorail hoist system
  • Chlorine feed system (design)
  • Two flow control valve and meter vaults.
  • Electrical with Motor Control Center
  • Generator
  • Fencing
  • Access Road and Sidewalks
  • Site grading

Work included additional projects for 1) diesel motor backup for well at high service pump station #2 (Evans Road) and 2) water supply connection from the north pressure plane (Carrizo-Wilcox) to the south pressure plane’s high service pump station #2 (Evans Road) via new pipe and air gap to one (1) of the existing ground storage tanks.

KSA Engineers, Inc. was hired by the City of Selma to provide civil and electrical design for the replacement of an existing 150,000 gallon elevated storage tank serving the South Pressure Plane with a new elevated storage tank of 1,000,000 gallon capacity. The new design was for a composite type tank. The project included site grading, sidewalks, access roads, well header painting and insulation, and piping.

KSA conducted a study during the project to determine if the tank overflow elevation should be raised higher than the existing 150,000 gallon EST to provide improved pressure at the highest elevations on the southside of the City particularly under peak and fire flow conditions. KSA provided all civil, structural, and electrical design for the new 1 MG EST.