Reno TCDP Water System Improvements (ORCA)

KSA Engineers, Inc. was hired by the City of Reno to complete water system improvements.

Site 6 was the location of the capped well, pump station, and ground storage tank. Due to well failure, the well was capped some time ago; however, the ground storage tank and pump station appeared to be in good condition and could be placed back in service. Since the City owned an acre of land at this site, a new well was drilled to replace the abandoned well.

The City of Reno had also been in talks with the neighboring City of Azle to provide a back-up water supply. KSA designed a 6-inch connection, meter and vault in order to allow the two cities to share the water supply.

In addition, KSA designed the replacement of an existing vault at Harris Road. During their initial research, KSA discovered water flowing from Reno into the Springtown system which resulted in higher meter readings and costs associated with this vault. Replacing the meter and valves at this location resulted in cost savings to the City of Reno. KSA also designed the replacement of the water main along a section of Harris Road with a new PVC pipe and three fire hydrants along the road to greatly enhance fire fighting capabilities.

Finally, KSA designed the removal of the Springtown connection at Quail Run Road. Because the valves had not been exercised in the past, the City couldn’t completely close this connection. Approximately 10 gallons per minute were still flowing through this connection even with all valves closed. The valve was capped, eliminating any water passing through.