Nacogdoches Water Treatment Plant Improvements

The City of Nacogdoches retained KSA Engineers, Inc. to expand their existing surface water treatment plant from 10 to 25 MGD.

This project included:

  • New influent meter station, splitter box, filters for 15 MGD capacity, filter effluent junction box to combine flows from existing and new filters
  • Pre-stressed concrete clearwell with 2 MG storage
  • High service pump station with 4 each 750 Hp high service pumps and 2 each 150 Hp backwash pumps
  • Chemical feed building with all new bulk storage and day tanks for five (5) chemicals – alum, polymer, caustic, polymer/spare, fluoride (ammonia feed room included as well as adjacent Power Activated Carbon storage/feed silo)
  • Chlorine storage building for storage of 1-ton chlorine cylinders
  • Reclaim tank for filter backwash waste and filter-to-waste water including decant return pump to return flow to the head of the plant
  • Sludge pump station
  • Sludge dewatering centrifuge
  • Two (2) generators
  • Electrical buildings
  • Security system to monitor site (controlled entry access gates, cameras, door/window alarms, etc,)

In addition to the new structures, the following structures were modified: a) rapid mix basin demo and construction of new rapid mix facility; b) removal of old flocculation zone and equipment and conversion to fine bubble aeration basin; c) removal of old clarifier equipment and conversion to IDI Superpulsator clarifier, allowing increased capacity from 10 to 25 MGD in the same footprint/structure; d) rehabilitation of filters including new underdrains, media, and piping; e) addition of baffling in existing clearwell, f) remodel of existing Administration Building including new restrooms, office, lab, and conference facilities; and g) expansion and improvement to roads, piping, fencing, drainage, etc.

The project was funded by the Texas Water Development Board - Drinking Water SRF program.