Morgan's Point Downtown Elevated Storage Tank Rehab and New Ground Storage Tank

KSA Engineers, Inc. entered into an engineering agreement in March of 2010 to design a new 300,000 Gallon Elevated Storage Tank (EST) for the City of Morgan’s Point. Based upon preliminary engineering work, the City has selected to proceed with the design of a pedestal style tank located on property previously purchased by the City.

KSA designed a bid alternate for mixing in order to maintain disinfectant residual in the tank and to minimize the amount of flushing and associated water loss currently required to maintain system residuals. The EST site work includes grading, fencing, power, lighting, access road, sidewalks, and re-vegetation as required for a complete tank project. The project includes the construction of an access drive from Wilson Street to the EST site (approximately 250 feet long). The drive is to be 12’ wide and constructed with a compacted subgrade and gravel with a bid alternate for 20’ wide asphalt road. The project also includes approximately 920 feet of new 12” waterline (PVC, C905) from the EST site along Wilson Avenue to a 12” DI pipe located at the old EST site which is north of City Hall.

The project also includes the demolition and removal of the old 500,000 Gallon EST located at the wastewater treatment plant site and the design and construction of a new 125,000 gallon Ground Storage Tank (GST). The GST will be located at the City’s existing well / high service pump site on East Main Street. The tank style shall be epoxy coated, bolted steel as selected by the City through preliminary engineering investigations.

The project includes a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to monitor the: a) new EST level, b) Water Well site (meter for wholesale purchase, well run status, GST levels, and high service pump station status), c) six (6) remote pressure sensor sites to be located at designated positions at the existing backflow preventers serving the Port Authority (3 each) and at other locations in the system (3 each), and 4) a base station at City Hall. The SCADA system will serve the primary purposes to monitor run status, alarm conditions, and data logging.

KSA is serving as the engineer of record and is responsible for the design, bidding, and construction administration of the project. Our project team also provided all surveying and geotechnical services for the project.