Groesbeck Water Distribution System Study/Utility Base Map Update (DWSRF)

KSA Engineers, Inc. was retained by the City of Groesbeck to assist in developing a water distribution system model. For this project, our engineers were also tasked with 1) developing a water system map & computer model of existing system; 2) evaluating capacity of existing system; 3) projecting growth patterns; 4) anticipating future system capacity; 5) outlining a plan of improvements; and 6) identifying possible funding sources for upgrades and future expansions. The existing utility map (circa 1992) was also updated.

Water Distribution Model and Study

  1. Evaluated Existing System
    1. Constructed a System Map
    2. Determined Capacities of Plants
    3. Modeled Existing Distribution System
  2. Evaluated Needs from Anticipated Future Growth
    1. Projected System Growth
    2. Modeled Future System
  3. Recommended Program of Improvements
    1. Recommended Program/Phasing
    2. Estimated Costs

Meter Replacement Study

  1. Evaluated current and proposed state and federal regulations that may impact the proposed improvements.
  2. Based upon a statistical representative sample of 2” and smaller meters and for all 3” and larger meters, conducted a survey of the meters on site to determine manufacturer, model, age, serial number, meter box type and prepare a drawing of how the existing meter is installed.
  3. For 2” and smaller meters that are less than three years old, obtained available data from the City to determine as much information as available to existing meters.
  4. Met with City and determined current problems with current billing software and procedures and determined overall goals of meter replacement program.
  5. Identified and evaluated utility billing software as may be required in conjunction with automatic meter reading systems.
  6. Identified and evaluated automated meter reading technologies, equipment, and software for cost compatibility, flexibility, reliability, and durability.
  7. Developed in conjunction with the City an installation plan to facilitate the orderly, prompt installation of the meters with automatic readers.