George Richey Road 18" Water Line

The City of Longview has had a long-term goal of providing treated water from the north side of town to eliminate several booster pump stations in the distribution system and to combine multiple north pressure zones into one. With the development of the Lake O’ the Pines Water Treatment Plant, the City had reached a significant milestone in their long term goal.

Since completion of the plant, KSA has worked hand-in-hand with the City on several projects to modify the distribution system to allow the City to not only provide water to the north pressure zone, but use the new supply to supplement the south pressure zone. As part of the development, KSA was hired by the City of Longview to improve distribution in the northwest service area. The proposed 18-inch diameter George Richey Water Line will serve several purposes including improving supply and pressure to the north pressure zone, delivery of water to a future elevated storage tank, and increasing the amount of water available for transfer the north pressure zone to the south pressure zone at the Dundee Road distribution system valve station.

This project includes approximately 10,000 feet of 18-inch diameter water line, 18-inch valve assemblies, connections to the existing 30-inch diameter water line, and a 12-inch diameter water line. Several swing connections for existing 6-inch and 8-inch diameter water lines on the south side of George Richey, and fire hydrant assemblies complete the project.

KSA has assisted the City with the acquisition of the right-of-way for proposed utility construction easements, as well as utility permits required for the water line construction. In addition to developing plans and specifications, KSA has provided surveying for the design, developed plats and descriptions for approximately 28 tracts for construction and utility easements, and developed exhibits and applications for TxDOT right-of-way utility permits. Once right-of-acquisition is complete, KSA will coordinate bidding, and assist with construction administration.