City of Longview Sewer Line Repair

City of Longview Sewer Line Repair, Longview, TX
During a significant rainfall event, the existing 30-inch sewer line interceptor that runs along Eastman Lake Creek became displaced, separating three joints, allowing water from the creek to enter the line. Large amounts of water infiltrated the line, quickly overcoming the I-20 Lift Station at the south end of the interceptor. City crews temporarily repaired the separated line to continue service, but KSA was asked to develop a permanent repair plan.

KSA was retained by the City of Longview to design emergency repairs. Before design began, we went to the site to evaluate the damage. The 30-inch, ductile iron interceptor sewer was installed in the early 1980s along Eastman Lake Creek. Over time, the creek bank had eroded, nearly exposing a section of the ductile iron pipe. The damaged section of the sewer line sat right in the middle of one of the city’s most popular country clubs, so KSA had to coordinate with them—in addition to city officials—to facilitate a speedy repair. In all, roughly 500 feet of pipe had to be replaced. Bypass pumping was designed to handle the sewer flow during construction. In order to place the new sewer line within the same alignment as the existing line, we diverted the creek during construction and designed flood protection for the work area. To secure the line against inclement weather in the future, the new line was placed inside a continuous welded steel casing with steel piers driven to refusal along its length. We designed a pathway along the golf course to bring heavy equipment and materials to the construction site without disrupting activities at the country club. We planned and coordinated the locations for the irrigation piping, sprinkler heads, valves, controls, cart paths, temporary tee boxes, and paths for the patrons and the contractor. Because many prominent citizens were members of the country club, it was very important that we complete the job quickly with as little disruption to the club’s activites as possible.

Because of a longstanding relationship with the City of Longview, KSA was able to (once again) design a viable solution to a challenging problem. With close coordination, careful planning, and issue identification, we replaced over 500-feet of pipe located within a busy country club that overlooks a creek with minimal impact to the club, its patrons, or the creek itself.

Services Provided
Civil Engineering

KSA Contact
John Ringler, P.E., Principal-in-Charge / Project Manager
Steve Penner, Resident Project Representative

City of Longview

Start: July 2014
End: Nov 2014

Cost: $ 209,340
Start: Dec 2014
End: Aug 2015

Project Size
Replacing 220 linear feet of 30-in ductile iron pipe
Installing 240 linear feet of ductile iron pipe
Installing 180 linear feet of 42-inch steel casing
3,200 square yards of Tifway, 419 hybrid sod