McKinney East Side Extension Parallel Interceptor

The North Texas Municipal Water District hired KSA Engineers, Inc. to design a 48” diameter gravity sanitary sewer interceptor to serve the City of McKinney and growing municipalities in the surrounding areas.

The interceptor was designed and installed parallel to an existing 24” line that was near full capacity. Three interconnections were designed between the proposed 48” pipe and the existing 24” pipe. The total length of the interceptor was 19,280 ft and included 35 manholes.

KSA designed five crossings that were installed by boring/tunneling. The crossings included TxDOT highways, city streets, and a railroad. The average depth of the interceptor was 20 ft with the deepest section around 30ft. KSA bid the interceptor as fiberglass pipe with pvc pipe as an equal alternate. The low bid contractor selected the fiberglass pipe, and construction is scheduled for completion in early 2011.