Streets & Drainage

Interstate 49

KSA developed preliminary and final plans for approximately four miles of a 4-lane, divided interstate with full control of access. This project is one of a series of sections designed to connect Interstate 49 in Louisiana with a high-volume, north-south traffic corridor in the Mississippi River region. As this mega-project encompassed several design sections, the design team was required to coordinate design and survey data with those sections immediately adjacent. The design project included ramps for two interchanges, redesigns for two cross streets, and one additional overpass. Life cycle cost analysis required alternative designs for both asphalt and concrete roadway sections.

Specialized design criteria were developed during the environmental assessment, requiring a more conservative approach for sight distance analysis. Beyond basic roadway design, other design services provided included geometric designs, hydraulic reports, temporary erosion control plans, opinions of probable construction costs, development of required right-of-way, construction sequencing, and temporary signage plans.