Downtown Development

Winnsboro Downtown Sidewalk Enhancement

The City of Winnsboro secured some state and federal funding through the Texas Department of Transportation in their Enhancement Program and desired to improve their downtown sidewalks. This project consisted of sidewalk and streetscape improvements, drainage improvements and provided accessibility improvements to meet current ADA standards.

KSA assisted the City with public involvement and project coordination with downtown merchants. Significant utility coordination was required since city and franchise utilities were in close proximity to the construction areas. Sidewalk and streetscape improvements had to be reviewed and approved by TxDOT, Texas Historical Commission, and the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, Architectural Barriers.

KSA provided construction plans, contract documents and technical specifications to current TxDOT standards. KSA also assisted TxDOT with some construction administration services on behalf of the City of Winnsboro. This project greatly improved the aesthetics and safety of downtown Winnsboro.