Downtown Development

T.B. Butler Fountain

In 1997, KSA Engineers, Inc. (then Wisenbaker, Fix & Associates) invested in-kind services into the T. B. Butler Fountain in the plaza located in downtown Tyler, Texas.

The City, which maintained the fountain, authorized $50,000 in capital expenditures for the fountain in April 1996, along with $10,000 annual maintenance and operating expenditures. But, the project’s completion was delayed by key staff personnel changes and delays in receiving components for the restoration. KSA donated their services to complete the project.

Named after County Judge T. B. Butler, the fountain was installed in the mid-1960s. Tyler Water Utilities officials previously said the fountain had deteriorated for years until it was finally only able to be operated a few times a year.

In later years the fountain, when it did run, would only run in one water pattern and the patterns would no longer cycle.

As a community service effort, KSA donated time and money to help the City breathe life into their fountain once more. The City was responsible for buying the parts and pieces needed, while KSA coordinated the repairs and solved all the mechanical problems necessary to make the fountain operational.

Today, the 70-foot fountain stands proudly in the center of the T. B. Butler Plaza. It attracts visitors to Tyler and provides an oasis of shade, planting and water for the clients and customers of the shops and businesses in the downtown district.