Downtown Development

Lufkin Downtown Street and Utilities Improvements

The City of Lufkin retained KSA Engineers, Inc. to complete sidewalk, street, and utility improvements within its downtown area. The City of Lufkin downtown has been in existence since the late 1800’s and was the first section of town to receive water and sewer service. Many of the existing utilities were well past the design life of the materials. The existing downtown sidewalks had been constructed during varying eras and did not comply with the current State and Federal accessibility requirements.

KSA collaborated with the Main Street office and the City Manager’s office to develop budget estimates during the planning stages of this project and apply for a Transportation Enhancement Grant from TXDOT. After receipt of the grant, KSA worked with the City to include the public in the planning process through town hall public meetings. The project included a complete revitalization of the downtown streetscape including replacement of hardscape from face of building to face of building. Historically, the downtown area of the City of Lufkin was divided into lots and blocks using the City’s original town charter. Downtown buildings were originally constructed so that exterior walls coincided with the public right of way. This project replaced all sidewalks and streets within the public right away by rehabilitating one block at a time and detouring traffic as needed.

A primary challenge was maintaining pedestrian access to businesses and adequate parking during the reconstruction process. Signage was developed to direct downtown goers to available parking and temporary construction walkways were provided to allow access to area businesses without impediment.

The project scope included:

  • Sidewalk replacement Installation of brick pavers
  • Construction of new curb and gutter
  • Installation of handicap accessible ramps
  • Installation of period lighting
  • Reconstruction of downtown streets
  • Installation of a storm sewer
  • Installation of new water and sewer mains