Downtown Development

Kilgore Downtown Infrastructure Improvement, Phase I

In July of 2008, the City of Kilgore contracted KSA Engineers, Inc. to assist and facilitate the design and reconstruction of street, lighting and sidewalk improvements. KSA designed and performed construction administration for this project that brought about a revitalized downtown district.

This project was brought to fruition as a result of a need for the sidewalks to be brought from a state of unsightly disrepair and potentially hazardous conditions to a modernized, revitalized and code compliant status. In this project, KSA also provided landscaping and irrigation services by our qualified and registered personnel. One of the important issues for the City of Kilgore was to be able to use these downtown improvements for their winter holiday festivities. During the design process, KSA gathered all pertinent information for what the City planned to do and molded their desires into the construction plans.

KSA worked with other resources in the area for geotechnical, environmental, and material testing needs. In continuous coordination efforts, the end result was an efficient and practical team of professionals who kept unforeseeable design and construction issues to a minimum. KSA provided services that include topographic survey, horizontal and vertical geometric designs, signage and marking design, storm sewer design and water and sewer lines.

KSA was fully responsible for surveying, preparation of plans and specifications, and the administration of the bidding process and the construction phases. KSA also provided project representation during construction allowing for effective communication from the contractor to the engineer and to the City staff concerning any 'in the field' needs.