Downtown Development

Lorenzo Downtown Sidewalk Reconstruction

The City of Lorenzo works diligently to maintain the appearance of its downtown area. When the sidewalk along the east side of Harrison Avenue cracked, started to drain poorly and became a challenge to navigate, the City began the process of replacing it. They applied and were selected for a grant from the Texas Department of Agriculture through the Texas Capital Fund to help pay for some of the improvements.

The City chose KSA Engineers to provide design and construction administration for this important project. One challenge is that the sidewalk served several high traffic businesses that had to remain open to the public during construction. A second challenge was that Harrision Avenue is a TxDOT facility and the construction had to be coordinated with that agency. KSA was able to work with the City and the Contractor to meet TxDOT's requirements and keep all the affected businesses open during construction.

The project included: 500 square yards of concrete sidewalk, 100 square yards of concrete drive, four ADA curb ramps, five historical street lights with a new electrical service, and four tree wells with grates.

Most of this work was performed by a contractor. Although, in order to provide the required match for the grant funds, the City provided the tree grates and disposed of the construction debris.

The result has been well received by local citizens. The City is excitedly looking forward to another project on an adjacent section of Harrison Avenue to continue improving the appearance and access of their downtown area.