Disaster Recovery

KSA is dedicated to meeting our client’s needs and expectations for each project. We also understand that after a devastating natural disaster, the rebuilding process becomes even more personal. In addition, it’s critically important that it’s done right and as efficiently as possible with the resources and funding that is available. KSA has a strong reputation for executing federally funded projects specifically after major natural disasters such as Hurricane Ike, Hurricane Harvey and many others. Listed here, are projects that KSA has completed as part of the rebuilding process for many Texas communities that have experienced major natural disasters. 

KSA is prepared to provide the following services in relation to the recovery effort following the most recent natural disaster, Hurricane Harvey. 

  • Initial Engineering and Design Support
  • Funding Support
  • Engineering and Final Design Support
  • Bid and Award Support
  • Contract Management and Construction Oversight
  • Specialized Services