Aviation Planning

Ruston Regional Airport Master Plan

Ruston Municipal Airport is an active general aviation airport located in north central Louisiana, about 70 miles east of Shreveport, LA. The airport has almost 50 based aircraft and frequently sees operations ranging from light single-engine piston aircraft to mid-size corporate jet aircraft. This is the airport’s first official master plan with strong support from the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development. The completion of this master planning effort provides the airport and City of Ruston with a 20-year vision for future airport development, as well as a complete airport plan set.

The growth of local and regional businesses as well as the on-going involvement of Louisiana Tech at Ruston Municipal Airport promotes the consideration to expand airside and landside facilities. The master plan pays special attention to the following specific areas/topics:

  • The timing and justification of the runway extension depicted on the airport’s existing Airport Layout Drawing (ALD) and ultimate runway system requirements
  • Commercial/industrial development opportunities
  • Land constraints for development and airspace protection
  • Expanded hangar and apron development to support LA Tech University needs, existing users, and anticipated itinerant aircraft
  • Highest and best use of airport parcels, including development of a SWOT analysis

As part of the master planning effort, a 13-member project advisory committee (PAC) made up of airport, community, and area business leadership was established to provide the project team with local insights and understanding surrounding the region and Ruston Municipal Airport. The PAC was consulted at various stages throughout the planning process and had the opportunity to review and comment on master plan materials. Another important element of this master plan and ALD development is the inclusion of topographic and photogrammetry services to identify and address areas with limited access and unique ground features that impact potential development at Ruston Municipal Airport.

Start Date
May 2015

Completion Date
February 2017

Construction Cost