Webster Parish Library

KSA was hired to design building restorations and site improvements for the Webster Parish Library in Minden, Louisiana. Throughout the design, KSA was careful to honor the original character of the interior space. To accomplish this, the design team removed previous modifications and reconfigured the space to accommodate new administrative, support and public meeting activities as well as entries needed for new library functions. 

The design team investigated sources of water infiltration in and around the building and the extent of structural deterioration caused by the water’s penetration; then evaluated repairs for the structural deterioration and developed solutions for foundation and site drainage. They also coordinated the removal of hazardous materials. Deteriorated interior floors, walls and ceilings were repaired and restored to their original historic character. Deteriorated exterior finishes were repaired and restored as well.

The design team repaired and restored the existing elevator system. The elevator creates easy access between floors for patrons and staff who need to transfer books to the library’s archive located on the second floor. Design upgrades to the structure, circulation, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems needed to comply with current Life Safety, physically challenged accessibility (ADA) and building code requirements that are applicable to a public library support facility. 

The design team developed furnishings and equipment associated with the building’s functions along with a plan for interim staff relocation during construction.

Exterior site improvements included the development of new entries along walkways and canopies. New drainage solutions were designed as well to eliminate water problems around the building’s perimeter. Parking areas were also expanded to accommodate the library’s growth.

Services Provided

KSA Contact
Joncie Young, P.E.

John Selmer, AIA
Project Manager, Architecture

Webster Parish Library

Cost: $1.6M
Start: Sept 2008
End: Sept 2009

Project Size
5,584 square fee