Komatsu Engineering Test Laboratory

​Komatsu Engineering Test Laboratory, Longview, TX
Komatsu, an international mining manufacturer (formerly Joy Global), wanted to be able to test high voltage electrical components on site at their Longview operations facility. To make this possible, KSA was hired to design an industrial engineering test laboratory. The lab will combine many unique and specialized functions under one roof. Our design included efficient, professional offices, a central break room, individual bench test rooms, a large covered outdoor test area, and a 9,400-square foot, 40-foot tall dynamic, reconfigurable test area. To meet the ever-changing demands of this international manufacturer and allow for testing flexibility, the dynamic space was designed with blast-resistant, soundproof, movable walls and raised access flooring. It was custom-designed around the equipment that will be housed within it, which drove the building dimensions and effectively dictated costs without waste. This building will undoubtedly provide an efficient, yet inviting work environment that will meet the needs of Komatsu’s research and development team for decades to come.

Before design began, KSA meet with Komatsu to evaluate their needs on both a day-to-day, operational level as well as a strategic, long-term basis. We communicated effectively with Komatsu and the rest of the project team to comply with their stringent and specific requirements while also being sure to interject our own professional expertise. The end result will be a beautiful blend of comfortable professional office space and electrical testing stations.

KSA Services Provided
Civil Engineering

KSA Contact
Lanny Buck, P.E., Principal-in-Charge
Brian Wyatt, AIA, Project Manager
Travis Pierce, P.E., Civil Engineer

Komatsu Ltd.

Start: Nov 2015
End: Oct 2017 (project was on hold for 6 months)

Cost: $ 4.5M
Start: Sept 2017
End: Sept 2018 (Est)

Project Size
22,000 square feet