Independence Stadium Additions

KSA was selected to prepare additions to Independence Stadium, home of the Independence Bowl, in Shreveport, Louisiana. Design work for this multi-phase, fast-track addition project began in the fall of 2002. Entirely new concession and restroom buildings were built on the east and west sidelines, nearly tripling that space on the ground level. 

High-quality, synthetic grass surface was installed to withstand the athletic wear and tear this facility endures annually. The synthetic product has the appearance of real grass with the low maintenance of traditional astro-turf. Opting for this surface reduces the likelihood of turf-related injuries. Formerly, the playing field had a three-foot vertical drop between the north and south ends. After construction, the field is level from north to south with a slight 0.5% slope from the sidelines to center to allow a herring bone drainage grid under the playing surface to direct rainwater from the field as it falls.  

Other improvements include a new underground storm drainage system, new electrical service, a new sanitary sewer system, new water and gas service, the relocation of Fair Street to the south and the extension of Bob Carr Street under the east side to connect with Fair Street.

The south end zone received an entirely new facility that completed the bowl of the stadium. The facility gives the stadium a new façade along the I-20 corridor. A pre-engineered bleacher system with over 12,000 seats was added along with new team locker rooms, new concession and restroom facilities and open seating on the terrace and club levels. This area also houses new coach spaces, training and media rooms, offices for the stadium, security and officials as well as expanded storage areas.

Numerous utilities had to be relocated in an effort to make way for the new south end zone facility. These included the relocation of a 36-inch water main, overhead electrical, telephone, cable gas and secondary service lines.