Guaranty Bond Bank

KSA designed a 6,000-square-foot banking building for Guaranty Bond Bank in Longview, Texas. The facility includes a large lobby, staff offices, loan offices, board, cash and break rooms as well as a safety deposit vault area and restrooms. There are two teller pods with two teller stations and a drive-thru servicing five to six lanes and an ATM.

The exterior is based on standard Guaranty Bond Bank facilitates and consists of white stone. The roof system is an EPMD sloped to drain with a green mansard standing seam metal around the perimeter. The site is approximately 1.5 acres and sits on the corner of Hawkins Parkway and Tuttle Blvd. The building has approximately 29 parking spaces and a basic landscaping design that meets ordinances put in place by the City of Longview. The building also includes a perimeter gutter system.


Civil Engineering


Mitch Fortner, P.E. - Principal-in-Charge, Civil Engineering
John Selmer, AIA - Project Manager, Architecture
Bob Fisher, P.E. - Supervisor


Guaranty Bond Bank


Cost: $ 1,781,373
Start: May 2013
End: April 2014


7,400 square feet