Vicksburg Tallulah Regional Airport Glideslope Installation

To improve the Runway 36 approach and increase safety at the Vicksburg Tallulah Regional Airport, KSA was engaged to install a glideslope system. The glideslope is part of an instrument landing system (ILS) designed to provide a precision runway approach for pilots landing aircraft. The glideslope provides vertical guidance, while the localizer —a paired device—provides horizontal guidance. The airport already had a localizer installed.  KSA designed a Simplified Short Approach Lighting System with Runway Alignment Indicator that was installed several months ahead of the glideslope project construction.

The glideslope system includes an antenna, an electrical building shelter with parking and a gravel access driveway. Before the system could be installed, the airport had to acquire the land needed to meet the extensive ILS grading requirements stipulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). In preparation of the grading plan, a detailed aerial and topographic survey was conducted to identify possible obstructions in the ILS critical area. To facilitate constructability, the grading was designed as a separate project from the furnishing and installation of the glideslope. This autonomy allowed each contractor to focus solely on their specialty of work, which simplified the construction process and helped to facilitate compliance.

KSA effectively coordinated between the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development Aviation Division, the FAA, the Kansas City Southern Railroad and the Vicksburg Tallulah Regional Airport to establish a published precision approach for Runway 36. This addition, which is particularly helpful to pilots, adds an extra layer of safety to airport operations.

Services Provided
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering

KSA Contact
Joncie Young, P.E., Principal-in-Charge
Jonathan Farmer, P.E., Project Manager
Ricky Hall, Resident Project Representative

Vicksburg Tallulah District Airport Board

Start: February 2013
End: Feb 2015

Cost: $635,335
Start: Oct 2015
End: June 2016