Engineering Energy Services

KSA will navigate the most cost-efficient route for your pipe to travel, then design facilities and processes at either end of the pipeline (and along the route) that streamline the production and transport of your product to be sold. We have the expertise to efficiently move your product profitably from the wellhead to your point of sale.

Our professional design services – which include mechanical, electrical and civil engineering, as well as architecture – ensure that each aspect of your facilities are properly designed for maximum operating performance and delivery.

KSA’s design services directly complement and support our in-house surveying capabilities. From our preliminary alignment, routing or site layout capabilities, KSA can provide hydraulics for analyzing flows, pressures and pipe sizes, determine pumping or compression requirements and establish power supply needs to support the project.

Deliverables such as process flow diagrams, piping and instrumentation drawings, hydraulic analysis, site and grading plans, structural design, horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and road crossing profiles, piping drawings and details along with construction specifications and requirements can all be provided by our internal design team.

Our electrical engineers, master electricians and instrumentation technicians design automation and remote monitoring systems. Our electrical services include design, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting electrical wiring systems to power facilities of varying sizes. Instrumentation/Control (IC) allows the collection of various process data, including temperature, pressures and flow to provide automatic and real-time adjustments from on-site or remote locations. We custom-build and program supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems to maximize operating performance.